Electrical Systems Build and Design Services

At American Consulting Engineers Electrical, Inc. (ACEE), our design services, from power and communications design, to fire safety and emergency lighting, are extensive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and sustainability, we offer a wide range of solutions to ensure the success of your projects.

Power & Lighting Design

Our power and lighting design expertise covers a range of specialized areas. Architectural lighting design enhances aesthetics and functionality, while computer room lighting ensures optimal conditions for critical operations. Sophisticated lighting control systems offer flexibility and energy efficiency. Manage energy effectively with advanced systems and technical assistance. Ensure reliable power distribution with high- and line-voltage systems, and safeguard operations with UPS systems.

Our expertise in power and lighting design encompasses various specialized areas, including:

  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Computer Room Lighting
  • Sport Field Lighting
  • Parking and Garage Lighting
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Lighting Energy Management Systems
  • High Voltage and Line Voltage Power Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Photovoltaic Power Distribution

Fire and Life Safety Design

ACEE prioritizes safety with expert fire and life safety design solutions. Emergency lighting guides occupants to safety, emergency power generation systems ensure essential operations during outages, and fire detection and alarm systems provide early warnings for swift evacuation. We offer expert fire and life safety design solutions, including:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Emergency Power Generation Systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Communications Design

Efficient communication infrastructure is crucial for seamless operations. ACEE's services include intercom, public address, and clock systems for clear communication, robust telephone equipment for reliability, and network data distribution for high-speed connectivity. Embrace modern technologies with Voice-Over-IP systems, ensure entertainment and information distribution with CATV systems, and enhance security with integrated security distribution systems for centralized monitoring and control. Our communications design services include:

  • Intercom, Public Address and Clock Systems
  • Telephone Equipment and Distribution System
  • Network Data Distribution System
  • Voice-Over-IP Distribution System
  • CATV Distribution System
  • Security Distribution System

Evaluations and Studies

ACEE provides comprehensive evaluations and studies to improve efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. Services include energy surveys for optimization, Title 24 lighting compliance calculations, and fault calculations to enhance system reliability. Specialized cabling solutions support connectivity and entertainment at amusement parks, while structured computer cabling ensures robust IT infrastructure. The evaluations and surveys include:

  • Energy Surveys and Load Analysis
  • State mandated Title 24 Lighting Compliance Calculations
  • Fault Calculations and System Coordination Studies
  • Amusement Park Cabling
  • Computer Cabling
  • Electrical System Cost Analysis

Constructability Review

ACEE boasts 3 registered electrical engineers with field construction backgrounds. This expertise ensures meticulous and practical reviews of engineered drawings. We collaborate closely with owners and construction managers to conduct constructability reviews. Our ongoing work with Design-Build Electrical Contractors enriches our skills, enabling us to offer insightful comments and valuable input to clients.

Building Commissioning

At the client's request, ACEE offers comprehensive building commissioning services covering electrical, lighting, and control systems, as well as fire alarm systems, PA/Clock Systems, and data/telephone/CATV distribution systems. With extensive qualifications and field experience, we excel in commissioning both commercial and educational facilities, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

Sustainable Design Practices

At ACEE, we are dedicated to sustainable design principles. While we are currently in the process of acquiring LEED Accredited Professionals, we actively engage in designing projects for LEED certification.

Lighting Systems

Through strategic planning of lighting control systems, we maximize efficiency while maintaining user comfort. Our day-lighting analysis calculations assess natural light integration, promoting energy savings and enhancing visual comfort. Additionally, our implementation of lighting energy management systems further optimizes consumption, effectively reducing costs and promoting environmental sustainability. The focus areas include:

  • Lighting Control System Design
  • Day-Lighting Analysis Calculations
  • Lighting Energy Management Systems

Power Systems

We prioritize the integration of alternative energy sources, such as renewable solutions, to ensure sustainable power generation. Through diligent energy consumption monitoring, we identify areas for efficiency improvements. Additionally, our expertise extends to the installation of photovoltaic power systems, harnessing solar energy for sustainable electricity generation.

  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
  • Photovoltaic Power Systems

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