Project Lighting Expertise

In most projects, certain areas demand sophisticated lighting to elevate the design from good to outstanding. These critical spaces include main entry lobbies, commons areas, building facades, auditoriums, dining facilities, and atria, where lighting significantly influences the perception of the building's ambiance. ACEE offers integrated lighting design services and complete project assessment, seamlessly incorporated into our comprehensive electrical engineering package.

Collaborative Approach

ACEE collaborates closely with architects or building owners to craft designs aligned with the space's aesthetics and vision. We meticulously develop presentation materials, facilitate mock-ups, conduct lighting level calculations, and oversee final punch listing and fixture aiming to ensure the successful implementation of the lighting design.

Additionally, executive suites like conference rooms, school facilities, and executive offices require specialized attention. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the project reflects the intended ambiance and functionality, contributing to its overall success and client satisfaction.

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